"The rhythms and beats of the YeYe Ensemble simmer as Johanna "YeYe" Suarez comes close, opens her eyes and voice to you as if there is no other, invites you to see and be seen, and then swirls on, having baited you with a sense of raw connection, of longing, of fullness"
Katy Fox
Director of We Are Movement
Y ahora permanecen la fe,
la esperanza
y el amor,
estos tres;
pero el mayor de ellos
es el amor
1 Corintios 13:13

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What's up with YeYe

Judith Johanna Suarez Vargas aka "YeYe Suarez" 

"YeYe" Suarez graduated with honors in Dance and Political, Legal and Economic Analysis: International Emphasis from Mills College. Johanna recently received a certificate in Sound, Voice and music Healing from the California Institute of Integral Studies and is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Social Work: Mental Health Concentration. She is known in the artistic scene as a songstress and dancing storyteller with her band YeYe Suarez.

Her professional work is rooted in community leadership and organizing to promote family and youth participation in their communities. She was a resident artist for the East Bay Agency for Children after-school program, Lead Mentor Coordinator for Be A Mentor and former director of the Family Art Program at the Red Poppy Art House in San Francisco. In addition, she facilitates workshops to low-income, immigrant children, youth and mothers for organizations such as Bay Area Community Resources, Good Samaritan Family Resource Center, San Francisco State University and more.

Internationally she has taught, lectured and performed in Colombia, Brasil, Argentina Mexico and Peru, including lecturing at the international conference hosted by the International Association of Expressive Arts Therapy. In the past she has taught Spanish through art at Viva el Espanol, Hillcrest Language School and Escuela Bilingue Internacional.

As an interdisciplinary artist and arts-educator, she incorporates traditional dance and music from the African Diaspora in Latin America, original poetry, theater and lyrical compositions into a performing journey of emotions in search of collective healing and unification. She incorporates writing, music, culture, history, and language into her classes, workshops, lectures and performances. Her work is inspired and deeply rooted on disfranchised communities, women of color, immigrant life stories and the African Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In her free time she enjoys praying, composing songs, playing music, teaching dance at ODC School/ Rhythms and Motion, taking dance classes and spending time with her mentees!